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Beesweet – Honey 100% Portuguese and hand made

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Beesweet sells honey 100% Portuguese, free from gluten and allergens, hand maded by two young cousins and members in love Beesweet is a raw honey obtained through hand made processes and healthy temperature, keepingĀ  all the characteristics of a 100% natural honey! Based on family heritage from my Grandfather, and inspired by him, begining from the coastal region of Portugal, we created natural flavors in honey able to direct every flavor of honey, the different dining suggestions. Powered by Beesweet, and with added benefits in terms of well-being and health, born Honey No. 88 Fire, spicy or No. 10 Seasalt, salty and many other flavours. Beesweet wants to establish itself as the principal provider of best World honey, while preserving its pure principles, as it…

Taste it say Beesweet is one of the most innovative companies of Portugal

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The Taste it website that gets us to know the opinion of professionals in areas such as marketing, digital communication, translation, design, photography and public relations for the catering sector, highlighted Beesweet. Put this project in the range of the 10 most innovative companies of Portugal. “The passion for honey and the bees increased the development of this innovative product. Beesweet presents in the market a new honey, raw, naturally flavored with citrus flavors or warmer flavors. This new honey is selled in inovative good looking packaging, passionate, light, ergonomic and easy to use. ” More