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Environmental and Social Mission

Beesweet & PlanBee are providing the means to introduce innovative apiaries in several municipalities, with a specific flowering able to feed the bees throughout the year.

This project aims to protect this pollinator par excellence, creating a habitat that can provide abundant food, in a clean environment free of pesticides / herbicides. It is also the ideal condition to enable the bee to live better, protected and without stress.


The warning sign:

  • Bees exist for more than 100 million years!
  • More than 50% of the entire population of bees disappeared in the last 10 years!
  • 75% of the world’s crops depend on pollination, which match to 90% of the total supply of food.
  • Now-a-days there is a lack of 40% of the European honey production;
  • As Bees promote a lifetime. If bees continue to disappear, the death of the human being is predicted in 2035.


How can that be possible?

It is likely, as the plants that bees pollinate, fruit trees, vegetables, animals that eat plants and so on contribute to the drastic reduction of our food, it can cause the extinction of the human being due to famines or because of wars caused by hunger, as already stated by Einstein.


“If bees disappear from the surface of the globe, Man will only live four years more. Without bees, there’s no polinization, there’s no plants, neither animals or men”

This is the PROBLEM.

We want to achieve the solution!

We propose innovating in a sector that has grown a bit in recent years, joining a new hive with a new production of honey process and the use of a different kind of tree, able to feed bees throughout the year and help in carbon sequestration which can be presented as a solution for highly polluting companies.

The goal is to rehearse the idea of business for several municipalities in Portugal and  in foreign countries.

The value of BeeSweet&Plan Bee goes beyond the commercial one. It’s a stronger environmental and social responsibility!

We believe we are able to create a positive impact, contributing to increase the number of bees that can result in the pollination of ecosystems and societies.


By creating the perfect habitat for Bees!

Some benefits of the tree to the Bee:

  1. Source of abundant and constant food for the bees – all year + HONEY;
  2. With this kind of tree, on average each hive produces over 150% of honey per year;
  3. Avoid migratory beekeeping.


But it´s not only that … the Tree itself also causes a strong environmental and economic positive impact:

  1. Easy cultivation, fast growth and low maintenance;
  2. High-quality wood with a return of € 83,000 / Year;
  3. Extra wood products;
  4. Capture of 23 Tons of CO2 per hectare / year;
  5. Recovery and fertilization of the soil;
  6. Suitable for energy production;


However, all this only makes sense with a perfect beehive:

This new system does not stress the bees;

  • Smoke deletion;
  • Production growing;
  • Reduction of the death of bees;
  • No need of expensive equipment;
  • Reduction of 12 steps into only 1;


The project is a Benefit MIX not only economically profitable but mostly environmental, providing the influence of beekeeping, pollination for the future of ecosystems and societies and the capture of CO2.

Social Mission:

The passion for bees, the honey and creativity are the genesis and dynamics of this project and this team is the third generation of a family of beekeepers.

  • Behind this young team, there is a whole work together with municipalities, universities, schools and associations in order to promote and protect this pollinator of all the species.
  • We are dedicated to get the message across that consumption of honey instead of refined sugar brings benefits to the consumer’s health whether children, adults or the elderly, and can be consumed in many different ways..
  • As a source of proteins, vitamins and minerals incorporated in gastronomy, natural honey is a powerful ally in the prevention of diseases.
  • We aim to create a positive impact on schools, in order to show the children how bees are important and must be protected.


    • We want to show that each of us, from children to the elderly, can contribute to help the survival of this species. With small gestures like putting water pots, planting friendly plants, Bees and other small actions can make all the difference..
    • The awareness of all that use of pesticides is harmful to bees, so it is harmful to us.
    • Diseases caused to the bees are a mirror reflected in the human population in the sense that the food available is mostly contaminated.
    • Dealing with a hive, give us a clear example of an organized society and the way how the ecosystem works.
    • Understanding how the bees work and organizing themselves is a way to educate and empower societies.


Beesweet, attending to this reality, boosts workshops; talks about the importance of bees in the world, along Municipalities, Schools and Universities.

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Social goals for 2016:

Make more workshops and lectures on the importance of bee in the world together with Municipalities, Schools and Universities.

Deploy Beesweet & PlanBee project in several municipalities.